Class 2

In this class the student will begin to create websites on  A thorough introduction to the WordPress dashboard including page/post editor, menus, appearance and general settings. domain name, sub-domain

Review – Terminology

  • CMS
  • BLOG
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Design
  • CSS
  • Theme
  • Dashboard

WordPress – The Parts






step away from the computer – get a drink or snack – talk to your classmates


  1. Review sites found during market research
  2. class discussion about challenges and inspiration


  1. Edit Profile
    Add Avatar picture (should show on comments on
    Add Mission Statement into bio
    First and Last Name
  2. Add your Mission Statement to the About Page
  3. Add your other Pages
  4. Activate several different themes to see how different they look with the basic content


Register your business name in Social Networking sites

Post your website page address here on this page as a comment.

e.g. my wordpress site address is

1 Comment

Okay Phyllis – Not sure this is what you wanted, but here are some of the sites I liked. It’s sort of a progression from ones that I liked a couple of things on, to Ali’s where I liked a number of things. There are some notes to myself that got left in.
what I like: simplicity BUT am I willing to be that simple?
Also like the picture page – just a few at a time – could be one of the things that changes on the webite. I do love that particular picture of Louis and Bob and John at the Pinewoods camphouse. I’d like to get it from John to include at some point on Louis’ site
Like: Again the picture page – almost the opposite of John’s few pictures. Lots of pictures , lots of different people, named when pointing to the picture, but without place and time which is something I like. Also like Tom’s casual, friendly descriptions of all of it
Alexander Technique – amazing must write Tom, wish I’d known at the time
Like: the across the page heading; REALLY like the Links page. Jez has done what I want to do in a way which is to point to the other musicians and music that is going on. I think I would want to do it differently, and maybe point people to singers and musicians who are not heard as much, not sure, but am glad to see that Jez put that in

Also like the “Guestbook” which is there for comments.
Like: header picture on home page – good old Northumberland – similar to what I am trying to do with the Tyne Bridge and the Millennial, I like Ali’s picture superimposed on the background. Also like the way Ali’s biography is laid out.
I Love that Ali has a different Header picture of Northumberland on each of his sub-menus and the layout of the rest of the page is the same, and he has the ability for the user to play some tracks on the side of each page – so basically the header style and the menus stay the same on each page but the header picture changes to a different Northumbian scene. Beautiful scenes. Photographer: Graeme Peacock ($$$$)
I like the breakouts for the different areas of his work and the use of quotes to fill in the info/descriptions – found this book: Singing from the Floor: A History of British Folk Clubs by JP Bean which has Louis and Johnny Handle in their own words about how they got started with Folksong and Ballad, Newcastle. This was from looking up Alexis Korner, blues player and LouisKillen)

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