Anaconda Class 4 – Winter 2016

In this session the students begin to work with  plugins to extend the functionality of WordPress. A demonstration of commonly used plugins such as “SEO- Search Engine Optimization”, “online forms” and “email subscriptions” will be shown. Students will learn to search and evaluate plug-ins for the specific functional needs of their own website.

Recommended Core Plugins

See for a demo of plugins and their shortcodes. for documentation and other resources.

Right brain

Before you need a plugin, you need a creative thought, something that you want to do creatively on your website that isn’t built into the basic functionality of WordPress. You want your site to be unique. To create a unique website think about it on the right side of your brain. Or in other words, think creatively.

Suzi Blu – Art Journal Playshops

Adding features without plugins

Embed code using copy & paste into Page/Post editor in Text mode.


How to add a Google Map to your website


  1. Ensure that the map or Street View image you’d like to embed appears in the current map display.
  2. Click the settings gear icon in the bottom right.
  3. Click Share and embed map.
  4. In the box that appears, make sure the Embed map tab is selected.
  5. Choose the embed size you want, then copy the HTML and paste the code into the page/post editor in Text Mode.
  1. Activate JetPack in your hosted sites
    Modify Contact form
    Add Sharing buttons
    Add mailing list subscription
    Embed a Youtube video in your site
  2. Activate Fourteen Colors plugin
    change colors
  3. Activate Styles:  TwentyFourteen
    change font size sites

If you’ve purchased a domain or hosting, post a comment here with your hosting provider and domain name.

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