Anaconda Class 2 – Winter 2016

In this class the student will begin to create websites on  A thorough introduction to the WordPress dashboard including page/past editor, menus, appearance and general settings. domain name, sub-domain

Review – Terminology

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • BLOG (Binary Log)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Themes
  • Dashboard
  • Canva

WordPress – The Parts





step away from the computer – get a drink or snack – talk to your classmates

Class Picture


  1. Review sites found during market research
  2. class discussion about challenges and inspiration


  1. Edit Profile
    Add Avatar picture (should show on comments on
    Add Mission Statement into bio
    First and Last Name
  2. Add your Mission Statement to the About Page
  3. Add your other Pages
  4. Activate several different themes to see how different they look with the basic content


Register your business name in Social Networking sites

Post your website page address here on this page as a comment.

e.g. my wordpress site address is

Anaconda Class 1 – Winter 2016

Demonstration of live websites showing the wide variety of ways it’s currently being used. This demonstration will help to stimulate the creative side of the brain as the student begins the process of planning their website. An overview of the current state-of-the-art social networking environment to show how free tools such as Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr may be integrated into WordPress website to leverage this powerful marketing engine.

headshot-2015Phyllis Erck, Instructor (please email your feedback)(406) 546-6327

Class cost $7 – If you haven’t paid, please pay today.
WIFI sign-on for laptops
username:  AHSGuest
password:  AHSsnake88

WordPress Overview & Demo

WordPress is a Content Management System
With a BLOG component

Demo of WP sites by me:

Demo of WP sites at large:


Satisfaction guarantee.  If this class is not what you were expecting you may drop it after the 1st class.

Welcome and Introductions

  • Introduce yourself
  • Describe your website idea.
  • Do you have an existing website?
  • Previous experience developing websites?


  1. Register on the class website* ( and login (see instructions here)
  2. Add your first & last name to your user profile (see instructions here)
  3. Post a comment on this class webpage with the Mission Statement for your website.

*Use Student Logon Datasheet to keep track of your logon info.

Beyond WordPress but covered in this class.

Your website is part of the bigger picture which is your Web Presence.  In this class we discuss the importance of of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to leverage blogging and Social Networking tools to create organic search results.  We’ll also learn how to use WordPress Plugins to help with your website placement with Search Engines.

Social Networking
Social Media
Going Viral

Separation of content and design.  The  CSS Zen Garden Website provides a live demonstration of the

WordPress Theme Library –


  1. Create your first WordPress website on  (instructions here).
  2. Post the URL of your wordpress website as a comment on this class webpage.  It will look something like


  1. Market Research
    Search the internet for websites in your same market looking  at the type of content that are on these sites and how it is organized.  Also, note any cool functionality (like the free campsites map) that you might eventually want to add to your website.
  2. Post a comment on this class webpage with your website menu items.
    e.g.   Home, About, Contact, Products, Photos
  3. Design Research
    Surf the internet looking at the overall design of websites that appeal to your taste.  Collect links to 3 sites that you like.
    Browse WordPress Theme Library – Collect names of 3 themes that you like and note why.
  4. Post a comment on this class webpage with links to the sites and/or themes you like and an explanation of what you like about them.
  5. Begin to draft the Content for your website Sections.  These will be Pages in WordPress.
  6. Collect at least one image for your website of you or your products or services

Change is challenging – try to go with the flow

Don’t be afraid of breaking things.  Explore and let your imagination go.


Press This — Support —

Using Press This Let’s say you come across a cool photography post, and you want to share part of it on your own blog. Simply highlight the text you want to grab with your cursor, then click the Press This bookmarklet in your browser. A pop-up publishing window that will appear. To add images, click the picture frame icon below the title of the post and select the photos you want. You can also add your own commentary if you like. If you have multiple blogs, use the drop-down menu to choose where to publi

Source: Press This — Support —

This tools is one time when a video is a much easier way to see how it works.

WordPress: Web Development for the Right Side of Your Brain – class in Anaconda

Wordpress in the snow
Date:  Saturday’s, Feb 20 – Apr 2 (no class March 5)
Time:  9-noon
Location:   Anaconda High School
Cost:  $7 (register below)

WordPress makes it easy to create and deploy your own professional website. Learn set up, common uses, how to add plugins and design themes and search engine optimization as well as integration with common free social networking tools like YouTube, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter and Facebook. No prior knowledge of HTML, web publishing or ownership of an existing website required but you should be familiar with web browsers and word processing programs.

Class registration
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For Phyllis Erck’s students